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    Please provide more information.
    How exactly are you building?
    What build system is used (QMake or CMake)?
    What Qt version?

    "from the intstruction" - can you show this instruction?

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    I'm having trouble understanding how to achieve a windows11 native look.
    Its as though the app.setStyle('windows11') doesn't achieve a native windows 11 appearance.

    On the left is a windows native menu and on the right is a standard PySide6 menu which claims to have a native appearance but doesn't have a native appearance and seems to have a white transparent shadow added for some reason.
    I don't believe I've seen dark menu's with white shadows like this anywhere in windows11 so I guess pyside is not detecting windows11 or something.

    Which setting will I have to enable to achieve a native appearance to windows11?
    I seem to be the only person on the internet suffering from this issue and can't really find any information about it.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    PySide 6.7.2


    from PySide6.QtCore import * from PySide6.QtGui import * from PySide6.QtWidgets import * import sys class MainWindow(QMainWindow): def __init__(self): super().__init__() self.setWindowTitle("Window") self.setGeometry(100, 100, 800, 600) self.main_widget = QWidget() self.setCentralWidget(self.main_widget) self.init_ui() def init_ui(self): main_layout = QVBoxLayout() self.main_widget.setLayout(main_layout) # Create a simple menu bar with a File menu menubar = self.menuBar() file_menu = menubar.addMenu("File") open_action = QAction("Open", self) open_action.setShortcut("Ctrl+O") open_action.triggered.connect(self.open_file) file_menu.addAction(open_action) save_action = QAction("Save", self) save_action.setShortcut("Ctrl+S") save_action.triggered.connect(self.save_file) file_menu.addAction(save_action) exit_action = QAction("Exit", self) exit_action.setShortcut("Ctrl+Q") exit_action.triggered.connect(self.close) file_menu.addAction(exit_action) if __name__ == "__main__": app = QApplication(sys.argv) app.setStyle("windows11") window = MainWindow() sys.exit(app.exec())
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    Solved by updating importPaths in .qmlproject and creating a NEW qmldir file in the actual folder (PROJECT_NAME/imports/MODULE_NAME/qmldir) with the following properties:

    module RadialBar RadialBar 1.0 RadialBar.qml

    Move the plugin code into PROJECT_NAME/imports/MODULE_NAME/ and call it using import RadialBar 1.0.

    Then restart Qt Design Studio.

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    Hi @clanhuth,

    Thanks for the advice! I will look into this.


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    Hey there!

    So just to confirm you are using and have installed QDS with your Qt account that is linked to an educational email address?

    Has this account been linked to an evaluation license before?

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    @Qtpp said in How to find symbols in extern code files or projects and get their "type" (code analysis library)?:

    is it somehow possible to reach out to one of the QtCreator maintainers/devs

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    calendar = QCalendar()


    此时我通过浏览相应文档,我知道它有一个函数 isLunar(),他也确实如描述所说,当不是阴历时会返回False。我认为这代表着QCalendar 支持且能够被设置成阴历。

    然而,我除了这个东西之外就再也没有找到过任何与阴历有关的东西了。显而易见,QCalendar.System 里面没有包含阴历,我尝试使用过name,但不知道在哪里获得那些支持的日历的name。(这个举措可能是由于我知识过于浅薄才做的)


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    For info: has been intermittently down for me for the past few days, breaking CI builds relying on aqtinstall.

    Error messages are:

    /Users/runner/hostedtoolcache/Python/3.7.17/x64/bin/python3 -m aqt install-qt mac desktop 5.15.2 --outputdir /Users/runner/work/vgc/Qt INFO : aqtinstall(aqt) v3.1.15 on Python 3.7.17 [CPython Clang 13.0.0 (clang-1300.0.29.30)] WARNING : Failed to download checksum for the file 'Updates.xml'. This may happen on unofficial mirrors. WARNING : Connection to '' failed. Retrying with fallback ''. WARNING : Failed to download checksum for the file 'Updates.xml'. This may happen on unofficial mirrors. WARNING : Caught ChecksumDownloadFailure, terminating installer workers ERROR : Failed to download checksum for the file '5.15.2-0-202011130601qtbase-MacOS-MacOS_10_13-Clang-MacOS-MacOS_10_13-X86_64.7z' from mirrors '[''] ==============================Suggested follow-up:============================== * Check your internet connection * Consider modifying `requests.max_retries_to_retrieve_hash` in settings.ini * Consider modifying `mirrors.trusted_mirrors` in settings.ini (see