• This is where all the desktop OS and general Qt questions belong.

  • The forum for developing everything embedded: Linux, WinCE, Symbian, MeeGo... you name it.

  • Looking for The Bling Thing(tm)? Post here!

  • Have a question about Qt Creator, our cross-platform IDE, or any of the other tools? Ask here!

  • Your Qt just doesn't want to build? Your compiler can't find the libs? Here's where you find comfort and understanding. And help.

  • What can we say - we like games. And you can use Qt to write some. Questions? Ask here.

  • Questions about Qt WebKit and related topics? Post here!

  • Discussions and questions on QtWebEngine

  • You're using Qt with other languages than C++, eh? Post here!

  • Combining Qt with 3rd party libraries or components? Ask here!

  • For discussion and questions about Qt for Python (PySide 2)

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