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Image and Video Qt application won't work on new PC

  • Hi, I wonder why I can't see any video frames and pictures when I deploy qt application on another PC . My qt application includes videos , pictures and texts. I can execute the .sh file and it works but the images and videos won't be shown.I would like to know which shared libraries and dependencies should I need to add more.Thanks.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    What type of videos ? Depending on that, you might need to have additional codecs on the target machine.
    Did you also checked that you deploy the Qt Multimedia plugins along your application ?

  • @SGaist
    There will be video player and image viewer in my app,when I load the video or image I can't see anything in the video player and image viewer. Is it enough to deploy libQtMultimedia.so.5 and libQtMultimedia.Widgets.so.5 for the videos and images??

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    No, as suggested in my previous post, you have to deploy the Qt Multimedia plugins.

    Did you use windeployqt to prepare your application for deployment ?