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Qt Code of Conduct

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    Over a year ago, the Qt Developers created and established a Qt Code of Conduct which applies to all aspects of the Qt Community. Therefore it applies to the Qt Forum as well (which is already mentioned in the code of conduct itself). So I do recommend that everyone, if you haven't already, take the time to go over this. The link is Qt Code of Conduct.

    The Qt Forum is a safe place to be, and we want it to continue being that way, so please adhere to the code of conduct and above all please remember to be nice to each other and be careful in how you phrase things to each other. Everyone is trying to help and/or get help with using Qt and we want this community to be one where everyone is free to do that.

    If you notice anyone acting against the code of conduct then please use the "flag this post" option, if this is not available for some reason then reaching out to the moderators should draw attention to the issue but flagging is the easiest way to do it at least.

    Note: this code of conduct was discussed at length when it was created so there won't be a further discussion on the actual content of it, but if anyone does indeed feel very strongly about something in it then feel free to contact me via PM.

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