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What is keypad navigation?

  • Can someone please elaborate about “keypad navigation”, I have found very little documentation about this issue.
    QT docs only mentioned that:

    • Quote: "Sets the kind of focus navigation Qt should use to mode"
    • Quote: "On Windows CE this feature is disabled by default for touch device mkspecs. To enable keypad navigation, build Qt with QT_KEYPAD_NAVIGATION defined"
    • Obsolete Members for QApplication qt5 include one of it's methods - setKeypadNavigationEnabled()

    Just for clarification, my QT application running on Linux embedded ARM target system (Beagle-bone like).
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  • I also didn't find a suitable way to define QT_KEYPAD_NAVIGATION flag.

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    It refers to navigating your application/OS using the buttons of the keypad. 2 4 6 and 8 are the arrows used to move your mouse cursors.

    ./configure -D QT_KEYPAD_NAVIGATION

  • @SGaist
    Thanks Champ, I am checking it.