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Restrict resize of a Widget.

  • I have Image viewer with some navigation controls.
    So, in QGraphicsView there's a QGraphicsScene where I set the image by pixmap.
    Based on the pixmaps width and height, I have restricted the min size of the QGraphicsView as well as the whole widget.
    Now increasing the size of the main widget, it should allow to resize if the width : height ratio matches the image's aspect ratio and the image will scale.
    Let's say my image is 640 : 480, so ratio is 1.3333. Now when I try to resize my ImageViewer, the QGraphicsViewer's new size should have the ratio of 1.333, else the ImageViewer shouldn't resize.
    So, I have overriden resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *event) of the ImageViewer, but I couldn't restrict the resize only on valid conditions. This resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *event) gets called whenever I drag the corners.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!!


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    You can try using the event filters and fix the size once it reaches certain limit.

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    If you want to have a specific aspect ratio, then you should rather handle the resizing in a container widget that would have the ImageViewer as member variable.

  • @SGaist I tried your suggestion, but the resize event gets called after the widget has resized.

    I tried the below, but it fails on start only,-> no widget is takes size 0,

    double ratio = "1.3";
    double windowRatio = (double) width() / height();
    if(ratio == s)

  • @dheerendra Sir can you explain a bit more in detail.
    Are you asking to installEventFilters for resize event?

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    The idea is that you have your container widget getting resized and in its resize event, you change the size of the inner widgets with the ratio you want.