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SQL Server & Android

  • I want to connect my android app to an azure SQL server, I'm kinda new to this so I have no clue how to do it. I did it for a windows application but there was plenty on reference for that however when it comes to android I can't find sufficient documentation to help me. If anyone can give me a clue on how to create the connection that be more than enough, thanks in advance!

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    What driver are you using on Windows ?

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  • @SGaist
    QODBC, but with android I tried JDBC

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    The thing is: it's not usual to connect directly from an Android device to a database system. It's usually done using a web service that provides the needed end points for your application and thus hides the details of the database used.

    You may have success cross-compiling the MySQL plugin using MariaDB and the PostgreSQL driver for Android however for ODBC, I am not aware of such an option.

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    Personally (and I have also done this in my own application) I would use a web service that does the communication to the database for you. This ultimately proves to be much easier to set up and the app stores can easily reject the usage of the SQL drivers being used already or at a later date.

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