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problem in adding many Widgets to QScrollArea and keep the size gentle

  • Hi,
    It a while I am working on a project with Qt and need to add many Widgets on a QScrollArea. All Widgets added to QFormLayout and layout added to scroll area. The problem is that after execution my dialog size expand to fit all widgets (without any scroll bar!). What I want is that the size doesn't change and I could scroll over widgets.

    I tried setWidgetResizable function (set to true) but didn't work.

    The whole layout of my software is like this:

    • there is a QDialog,
    • inside Dialog there is a QTabWidget (and each tab has a QWidget)
    • some tab widget composed of many (QLabel, QLineEdit) which addedd to a QFormLayout
    • QFormLayout added to QScrollArea as layout
    • QScrollArea added to QVBoxLayout as widget
    • and finally QVBoxLayout set as main layout of QDIalog with (setLayout)


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    The setup sounds ok. But i wonder if you use QLabel to show images ?
    Those tend to expand to full image size and make parent grow.

  • no just simple label for every QLineEdit
    accually it is combination of QLabel and either QLineEdit/QCheckBox/QComboBox

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    hmm, i cant reproduce from the layout u describe
    alt text

    it stays the same size when executed.

    I wonder if its due to dialog and not mainwindow or something completely else.

    Hmm nope
    Dialog stays same size too
    alt text

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    QScrollArea takes a widget to make its magic, setting a layout on the area is wrong.

  • Thanks guys for the tips, exactly the problem was I didin't use a widget in scroll area.

    well I think next time I should give some source code :)

    again thanks for the help.

  • @mrjj my problem solved, but I just wanted to say that the only different about the setup I mentioned was that there was a MainWindow and splitter which contained the Dialog.

    I wish I had enough priviledge to share the striped portion of the source code for reference.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    well i didnt get issue as im using Designer that comes with a widget
    in place ( for scrollArea) . so i missed the fact you didnt add widget and layout to that. :)

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