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Need Help to Deploy existing qt project to linux host device

  • Hi Friends
    I have purchased TI Evaluation Board (SBC EVM AM4379). I have successfully deployed my new projects (like hello world ) with remote host device configuration by following procedure in this TI Wiki guide


    I have a qt5 source code that is configured with desktop configuration locally. Now i am needed to deploy the source code to my linux host (target device) with remote configuration and gives the target ip.

    Now i am struggled to deploy my existing qt projects file to my linux host device(target device).

    I am using TI Processor SDK Version "ti-processor-sdk-linux-rt-am437x-evm-"

    TI Wiki page suggest that the QT Creator needed to setup the environment setup

    source ti-processor-sdk-linux-rt-am437x-evm-

    Then open the qt creator under the [linux-devicekit ]mode

    My problem is I don know how to configure the existing projects to deploy in the remote linux host(target device) without rewrites the code. Hope you guys understands my problem . Help out to fix this problem.

    Best Regards
    vivek yuvan

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Something is not clear, are you trying to use your Desktop version of Qt to build your application for your target ?

  • yes I am trying to use my Desktop version of Qt to build my application for my target device that is evm am4379 processor evaluation board is that possible?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @vivekyuvan It's not possible the way you do. You need Qt built for your target device processor, you need a sysroot with compiler for your target device. This is called cross-compilation.

  • @vivekyuvan although intended for cross-compiling Qt for Raspberry Pi, this guide may be of interest for you, as an skeleton of the steps involved and how to setup Qt Creator later on.

  • @jsulm
    yes i have sysroots in this location

    and i have a arm-linux compiler in this location "/home/vivek/TI_SDK/ti-processor-sdk-linux-rt-am437x-evm- "

    my question is " My existing qt source code can compile under this compiler "arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++" instead of the normal gcc compiler ?" is there any modification i need to do .pro file ? and Build and Run setting ?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @vivekyuvan You need to run configure first. Here you can see how to do it for RaspberryPi (similar for other devices): http://wiki.qt.io/Raspberry_Pi_Beginners_Guide

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