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PYQT forum

  • Is there any relevant forum where I can ask PYQT questions


  • @Qt-Enthusiast
    Why should it be separate? You can ask here.

  • Do we have active forum for python as similar to qtio

  • The mailing list is moderately active: https://riverbankcomputing.com/pipermail/pyqt/

  • Just to update this topic as it comes up in a google search -- to discuss pyqt questions go here


  • @Denni
    Umm, no! Careful about two different Python bindings.

    PyQt, https://riverbankcomputing.com/software/pyqt/intro, and what the OP originally asked about, is quite separate from the link you are quoting for Qt for Python or PySide 2, https://forum.qt.io/category/58/qt-for-python.

    Anyone Googling here should be careful which of these two different products/bindings they are interested in.

  • Really @JonB from what I have been able to gather the predominate questions within that forum are pyqt related and not straight qt for python ... I figured it was just a naming convention issue and perhaps it is and/or most folks posting there have viewed it the same way that I did. So if it was not meant to be pyqt it seems to have turned into pyqt

    Still I suppose there would be room for both PySide2 (aka QT5 for Python 3.?) as well as pyqt5 as well as earlier versions just folks would need to denote what version they were asking about is all

  • @Denni
    I just had a look. You are right, people are freely posting PyQt questions there, when the forum title is perfectly clear --- naughty! ;-)

    OK, it's just important to know that if one has a specifically PyQt question then the Riverbank mailing list may be required. Qt for Python/PySide 2 only has forum here.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    The PySide2 project is way younger than PyQt and the forum was already active way before PySide2 existed. Questions for both are welcome especially since the only difference between a script using PySide2 and one using PyQt is the main package name.

  • @JonB okay hmm well as someone new to Qt in general Qt for Python has also seemed to mean pyqt not perhaps here but other places I have googled and this along with a lot of pyqt questions in the forum made me feel it was a pyqt home .... note if it helps any this forum is the most active forum for pyqt that I have found thus far ;) so kudos to you for that even if it was not meant to be that originally also as @SGaist denoted (and I concur) there really is not much difference between PySide2 and pyqt5 as they are both built upon Qt5 -- for that matter Qt5 C++ is very similar. Thus far I have only experience really minor differences if any between the three syntactical renderings and perhaps those were just the package naming for PySide2 but I do not recall because I just make whatever quick adjustments are needed and move forward

    Still thanks to the forum in question it has helped the pyqt community as well :)

  • @SGaist
    Then purely for my 2 cents the sub-forum might be better renamed Qt for Python & PyQt, or Python for Qt.

  • @JonB okay well the original makes perfect sense if the understanding behind "Qt for Python" just simply means any Qt that is used in conjunction with Python and then no re-titling is even necessary. Which btw is how I think its kind of understood by some already ;)

  • @Denni
    The problem (for me at least is) that "Qt for Python" does not simply mean "any Qt used with Python". Rather it is the actual name of Qt's "The official Python bindings for Qt" offering, see https://www.qt.io/qt-for-python. Which to me, though apparently not to others, quite clearly indicates it is not the place for PyQt discussions....

  • @JonB ah the issue of being so well informed ;)

    Personally I do not care what the forum is called as long as folks do not have a problem finding it and it allows (as it has been) pyqt to be discussed there.

    If its a problem to call it Qt for Python then just drop the for and make it Qt-Python or Python-Qt these are both more generic

    As a personal note to me "Python for Qt" kind of implies you are changing Python which is not what is happening since the changes are more to Qt so that it can be used in Python rather than changes to Python so it can be used in Qt thus I believe that original name of Qt for Python ;)

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