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Raspberry Pi freezes when trying to execute a shellscript

  • I have a Rpi 3 with a Qt application when I push a button a shellscript must get executed. The script just launches the chromium browser in kiosk mode which loads the site youtube. Manually running the script works perfectly. The script and the application all have the right permissions.

    I use in the pushbutton's event:


    This works on my ubuntu PC without problems. The binary is cross-compiled for the Rpi. I do not know why the Rpi freezes. I cannot even do Ctrl Alt F1

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    @bask185 Does it work if you execute the script manually on your RPi?

  • yes it does, it only has one command to execute.

    "DISPLAY=:0 chromium-browser -kiosk www.youtube.com"

    I also tried to input this command instead of the shellscript as in:

    system(qPrintable("DISPLAY=:0 chromium-browser -kiosk www.youtube.com"));

    But no change, total system freeeze

  • Are you sure that the default directory of you application is correct (that is, ./ points to the right place?)?

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