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How to implement a custom keyboard(old cellphone like)?

  • Hello guys,

    I'm using Qt5.8 on a embedded linux device and I need to implement a custom keyboard. The behaviour is the same of that old cellphones keypads where each time you press a digit button repeatedly it becomes a different letter. For example:

    Button 1 alternates between 1, Q, Z, ., q, z
    Button 2 alternates between 2, A, B, C, a, b, c

    Keyboard driver is located on /dev/input/event0 though Qt only recognize digits from 0...9.

    Maybe it's an old question but I don't know a good term to describe this behaviour.
    Does Qt have something ready for this?

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    You might find something in the QtVirtualKeyboard module although you are likely going to have to handle the T9 style input yourself since your keyboard only sends number.

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