Getting screen size of Android virtual device

  • All,

    'am running the following code snippet in Qt to get the screen size of my android virtual device.

    QApplication app(argc, argv);
     QDesktopWidget *mydesk = app.desktop();
        // redundant but using both showFullScreen and showMaximized...
        // ...just to play it safe
      QScreen *screen = app.primaryScreen();
        int width = screen->size().width();
        int height = screen->size().height();

    I created a Nexus 5 Android Virtual Device with resolution 1080x1920 to test my code and my width and height values are 1080x1776 instead of the expected 1080x1920. What 'am I doing wrong here? Can someone please help me?


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    Just a wild guess, but isn't that the size without the top bar ?

  • Thanks @SGaist. My guess was the same but I do not know how to prove it. Any thoughts?

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    Does your application cover the status bar ?

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    You dont really have to prove it.
    Many other have wondered.

    1080x1776 too much a magic number to be a coincidence ( IMHO)

    I wonder when you create a Nexus 5 Android Virtual Device, it must know from some where
    the size of the bar.

    But if app covers bar ( as @SGaist asks) then it might be bug in the virtual device as as far as i know
    (some) info apps will report full size if app is fullscreen.

  • Thanks @SGaist and @mrjj . My app does not cover the status bar. It is just a test app/Hello World type app that displays the resolution on the screen (so not much to the code than what i posted here). I will try creating an app that covers the status bar and see how that behaves.

    Thanks again

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