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Module "QtSensors" plugin "declarative_sensors" not found

  • I have a QML file on Qt 5.7.1 building for iOS that has a line

    import QtSensors 5.1 as Sensors

    When I run on an iPad the application that loads this file, I get the following error citing the number of that line:

    module "QtSensors" plugin "declarative_sensors" not found

    The same application using the same QML file runs fine on Android using Qt 5.6.2.

    I haven't found a solution via Google, so I thought I'd try here. Anyone of suggestions of things I can try?

  • I've confirmed that the same error appears on iOS using Qt 5.6.2.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    QT's iOS build is static and not dynamic so you have to handle the plugins accordingly. Search for static plugins in Qt's documentation.

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