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Microsoft SQL Server DLL (QSQL3.dll) missing

  • I have the following problem:
    I want to connect my mobile andoid device with an online SQL database. I searched a lot and the problem is that i have not the necessary driver (qmysyl3.dll). In the path for the divers are only the 3 following:

    the compiler shows the following output:
    QSqlDatabase: QODBC driver not loaded
    QSqlDatabase: available drivers: QSQLITE QMYSQL QMYSQL3 QPSQL QPSQL7

    is there any possibility to download the dll for MS SQL or to create it myself?

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    There's something not clear here. You are talking about connecting an Android device, yet you mention Windows .dlls.

    As for Windows ODBC, you currently need to build it yourself depending on your Qt version. As for the build instructions they are provided here

  • I am compyling with windows for an android app.

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    You can't use Windows .dlls for Android.

    Also there's no native support for ODBC on Android, you'll have to use a JDBC-ODBC bridge and from Qt use JNI.

  • Thanks for your help and the tipp with the bridge.

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