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Qt Serial Bus as a Technology Preview

  • Hello, today I wanted to use my Qt application with CAN Bus, so I was looking for Qt Serial Bus module, only to realize that it is currently a Technology Preview.
    Building my first application with Qt, I have no idea how stable a Technology Preview normally is. Can anyone tell me if it would be safe/stable to use this new module in my application? It would be too late to wait for even Qt 5.7 beta.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    A Tech Preview means that the API could change significantly before it's released as an official module. However in facts, for what I've seen until now, there are rarely big changes between the tech preview and the official release. Mostly adaptation and some API changes but rarely big breaking stuff. However you should follow closely the development of the module to stay up to date and ensure you have the latest fixes in.