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[SOLVED]Qt 5.5 native android style

  • Hi,

    According to this post Qt 5.5 should has native Android style but when I deployed my app (Qt Widget based) it doesn't look like that!

    What I miss? What's wrong?

    I'm using recent version of Qt (5.5.1)

    -- Quote

    Qt Widgets
    Earlier it has been possible to get native looks for Qt Widgets applications on Android with the help of Ministro, a system wide Qt libraries installer/provider for Android. In Qt 5.4, selected parts of Ministro source code have been incorporated into the Android platform plugin of Qt. This makes it possible for Qt applications to look native without Ministro, even though applications wishing to use services provided by Ministro will continue to do so. In other words, Qt Widgets applications will look native regardless of the deployment method; system wide or bundled Qt libraries.

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    You should rather ask this on the android development mailing list. You'll find there Qt's Android port developers/maintainers (this forum is more user oriented)