[SOLVED] Simple Qt Breadcrumb on Widget Application

  • Is there a way to implement a very simplistic Qt Breadcrumb? See, I don't want it to do anything except receive hyperlink click events and then my code will figure out what to do in the in the UI (such as switch the StackedWidget page). I want it to show blue underlined text for parts of it.

    For instance:

    Dashboard > Primary Scan > Scan Result

    ...assume the items that are bold (above) are not bold, but blue hyperlinks and blue text. When one clicks it, I can intercept, know what they clicked, and do something in the GUI.

    And using a web component increases the download size of the application. So, I'd like to avoid that if I can.

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    QLabel can handle enough html to handle that and you can use QLabel::linkActivated

    Hope it helps

  • Perfect. I rightclicked a label and didn't realize I could do a richtext mode. I created hyperlinks and mapped them to things like %DASHBOARD% and %PRIMARY_SCAN% and %SCAN_RESULT%. I then added a slot for linkActivated and sent this to debug to print which link they clicked, and it works. I can handle this event then.