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Qt creator 5.4 or 5.5 and python(UI) applications

  • Hi all,

    I am trying to build a python desktop GUI application using qt creator as my UI builder but the thing is am new to this an I have searched online for documentation on how to setup , build and deploy but I don't seem to find any concrete ones. The ones you find on YouTube are all using the standalone qt designer but now it has changed a lot with more thing integrated in the newer versions.

    Can anyone point me to a concrete documentation on doing this?
    I appreciate the pointers

    Best Regards

  • @esekyere So you're using PyQt or PySide? Be more clear about your dev environnement

  • @raf924 Yeah I am using PySide. From what i Have learnt so far you create the ui files in Qt creator and the convert then convert them using PySide. But when I create a widgets application(which comes with the Qt designer) I get some c++ files created(I have no Idea how to code in c++) and one ui file.
    I need a but of guidance in that aspect?


  • @esekyere after a very short search on google i got this :

    loader = QUiLoader()
    file = QFile(":/forms/myform.ui")
    myWidget = loader.load(file, self)