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  • While reading the Qt Blog article Indie Mobile Available Until Aug 31st, I noticed the following line: "So, if you would still like to develop with Qt for mobile app development, you can, of course, use our Open Source offering."

    Does this mean I can publish closed source Android and iOS applications (legally that will be approved) with only using the Qt Open Source distribution? Most resources on the internet express you cannot, but maybe that has changed with Qt 5.5? I feel like you can because why else would the android/ios modules be distributed with the Open Source package.

    On a side note, I still do not understand the motivation for publicly discontinuing the Indie Mobile tier. If they are still going to maintain it for existing customers, how are they saving any resources besides a little marketing. I'm worried that even if I sign up for Indie Mobile before August 31, they will still discontinue the product in a few months leaving me devastated. They pretty much said it right here:

    "We will continue to honor all subscribers of Indie Mobile after August 31st, however, after that date we will no longer make new sales of the package and we will proceed with discontinuing it."

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    WARNING 1 : I am not a lawyer
    WARNING 2 : I do not work for the Qt Company

    You are still bound by the GPL/LGLP rules, that doesn't change.

    Information about sales decision you won't get here. This forum is a community forum for Qt users. If you would like to have more details about the rationales behind that decision, you should contact the sales department of the Qt Company. You'll also find some of them in the corresponding thread on the interest mailing list.

    That phrase you are quoting just means:

    1. You can get the license until August 31st
    2. You will be able to use it after August 31st
    3. That license will not be sold any more after August 31st
    4. Point number 3 won't affect people having bought the license

    Hope it helps

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