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Continuous Builds & Version Control

  • Hello All,

    Things are moving along nicely on my Qt project. I'm learning a lot and loving it.

    I'm looking for recommendations on version control as well as continuous build functionality.

    My project is based on MSVC2013 and is set in 32 bit currently. I develop within Qt Creator and currently am up on 5.5 Qt. I've been struggling with the best version control system and also moving toward continuous build. I'm hoping some of you have some experiences and suggestions.

    Currently the project is in a slow phase where I'm the only developer and the call for builds is pretty slow and rare. However in about 6 months I expect it will be fast and furious with new features and new builds being needed on a daily basis.

    I'm looking for a version control system that will integrate nicely with Qt Creator. Git seems a logical choice but I've not had great success with some of the git tools. I've got one that crashes pretty regularly.

    So my goal is a VCS that will eventually support multiple developers and I'd like to link that in with a CI build server that can do scheduled nightly builds. What are people using out there that you've had good luck with?

    I have a number of other things I can or need to use:

    Advanced Installer

    FinalBuilder is optional but could be used. I need to make calls to advanced installer and WyBuild for updates.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • I am using Git with "Git GUI" and I am loving it. I was using subversion before and decided to give GIT a try after my provider announced Git support on his server.
    Certainly there are a couple of things you have to get used to. However, that is in my opinion similar to any other tool.
    What I hated with Subversion is that I could create a repository and start to add stuff. But shifting and getting a backup back online was a problem.
    WIth Git I was not really happy about the size the repositories occupy on my harddisk. However, after working about 1.5 years all my worris are gone. The lovely part about Git is that you actually do not need a server for hosting. I can also place a copy of a repository on Dropbox and update there.

    What is the windows you are using?

    Do you intend to do the nightly builds through Qt creator?

  • I'm mainly developing on Win 8.1 pro.

    I am attracted to Git... I just have a version of Git GUI that seems to crash when committing but I am trying push to Git server. Maybe I'll look into some updates see if that helps.

    My goal would be to run a build each night on my local machine. I have a pretty high-powered dev box and I'd like to check out the code, run a build and store it on share drive each night.

    I am pretty sure I could do this without a true CI system but was wondering if that makes it easier? I have a powershell batch file that builds everything but I'm not sure it correctly would feed build failures back.

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    To add to what @koahnig already said: git is great. If you want to look at alternatives there's mercurial and bazaar but they are less used. As for CI you have several possibilities: jenkins, gitlab CI, Travis etc.