old Qt-Solutions archive and commercial license

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    My team has a Qt commercial license for years, and we happily use Qt for a desktop software, currently with Qt 5.4. I have to modify a part that uses Qttelnet, which is not part of Qt since 2010.
    The Nokia decision can still be read here.
    The Qt Solution archive was deprecated, taken out of the Qt package and moved to gitorious, but not the part I'm interested in, so I'm really wondering if the Qttelnet code can be used directly, or be put in a library to comply with the license. I'm not even sure of the license this code is in. Nokia released it under the BSD license, but not the Qttelnet. The file header talks about both commercial license and the GPL 2.1.

    The documentation is still online here.
    Someone asked a quite similar question and he was answered to bundle the code in a library, but in our case we have a Qt commercial license so that might differ.

    Thanks for reading

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You should try to contact The Qt Company directly through your account's help center

  • Ok, I will. Thank you for your answer.