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QT 4.1 QlineEdit Rounded Corners & QVBoxLayout set margin for only top ?

  • Hi,
    We use QT 4.1 numbered release for our project. There are two questions I would like to ask;
    1.I should change QLineEdit widget layout. I mean, I just want to make its corners rounded. When I search the way of this,
    google puts the solutions with stylesheet which is not available for Qt 4.1. Could you please provide a sloution in QT 4.1 to make the widgets corners rounded ?
    2. The second question is about layout. I just want to give the parameters of margins seperately for top, left, right.. I suppose,
    setContentsMargins is a way of solution. But it is again not available for Qt 4.1. Could you please help me about this problem ?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Just to be sure, are you really using 4.1 ? That release is almost a decade old. You can try implementing your own style and draw the QLineEdit like you wish as for the margin, take a look at the latest Qt 4 version and take some inspiration from there. But all in all, you really should consider updating to at least 4.8.6 or 7 if not Qt 5

  • @SGaist said:

    ake a look

    My project owners use Qt 4.1. As I said in the previous post, they use stylesheet. But it is not available for Qt 4.1. I could not understand you, about taking inspiration form latest Qt version. Could you please explain it in more detail ?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    AFAIK, stylesheets where introduced in Qt 4.2 so how can they use stylesheets if they use 4.1 ?