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Qt5 on Raspberry PI: application in fullscreen mode

  • Hi all!
    After a while, I have cross-compiled successfully Qt5 to Raspberry PI.

    Now I am facing a problem which causes the application to run in fullscreen mode. Also it does not handle any input, neither keyboard nor mouse inputs.

    How can I execute my application in windowed mode, and be able to handle the inputs?

    I am using eglfs as platform, just if it matters.

    Any help is appreciated,
    Best regards,

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    Since you are using eglfs it's normal that your application is fullscreen. You don't have any window manager.

    As for the input part, you have to tell your application where to look. More about it "here":

  • Hi!
    Thank you for your reply! It helped me very much!

    Finally, I have been able to understand how the plugin system works, the differences between EGLFS and XCB and I have been able to compile and use both of this platforms.

    With XCB, everything is now working fine.
    With EGLFS, I have one last problem: the movement of the mouse is reaaalllyyy slow, being unusable inside the application (in the desktop the mouse movement is good). Mouse clicks and keyboard works fine, it is just the movement of the mouse.
    I have configured Qt with support for libudev, as stated in the link you have posted.

    Is there any other option I have missed?

    Thank you in advance,

  • Keep in mind that with xcb you won't have any OpenGL support on the Pi. So it's fine for running QWidget apps but it won't run any Qt Quick 2 stuff.

    If you are not interested in Qt Quick or OpenGL, then go for xcb. It will function better than eglfs when using the traditional widgets.

  • Yes, I know that XCB has no support for OpenGL. Is because of this that I want to have the EGLFS platform fully working, now that I have my hands dirty compiling, installing and the like; so at any point in the future I can change between them with no more pain.

  • Hi,
    Is your Raspberry now perfectly work with EGLFS ?
    Did you find a solution for the pointer problem ?
    I try to make my QtQuick2 application run on the Raspberry. I use the Raspberry2 to compile.
    At the moment I have fullscreen and I have to read why there is no Window manager .. as well some problems with the Window elements positions (Buttons etc..)

  • @LoPiTaL
    Hello! Have you fixed mouse lags in QT applications with eglfs? I have the same issue and no ideas how to fix it

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