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Specifying proper Arm processor for iOS

  • I have a iPad Air 2 and a iPhone 5. The iPad uses a Armv7 and the iPhone uses a Armv6. The app runs fine on the iPad, but not so good on iPhone. It appears that a likely candidate is that the iPhone is compiling with the Armv7 setting. How do I specify the architecture per device for iPhone?

  • iPhones have been armv7 for years now. So I doubt this is your problem.

    However, a related arm binary is is the 64 bit-ness. It is unclear to me if Qt Creator does the 64bit ARM build by default, so are the binaries fat by default as soon required for App Store submission...

  • Yea. I was having problems running my app on a Iphone 5 (but it was working on a iPad Air). I was grasping. Turns out I was setting up the openGL layer incorrectly

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    From 5.4 on, Qt's built for both architecture on iOS. It will be a requirement for Apple's iOS App Store next year.

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