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QtWebEngine and Windows RT

  • QtWebEngine support "Windows RT"?

    Or microsoft still blocks "non-microsoft technologies"?
    If such a blockage still exists, it would be possible to use the library's own "WinRT" (InternetExplorer / Trident) with "QWidgets"?


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    From the code source of QtWebEngine, it looks like WindowsRT is not in the supported platform list currently. However checking with the guys on the QtWebEngine mailing list might get you a more thorough answer.

  • Thanks SGaist! Other question:

    It is possible to "control" the "network" from "motor" native WinRT (trident) and XCODE (webkit cocoa) using "QNetWorkAccessManager"?


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    What do you mean by "control" the "network" ?

  • I need to redeploy the QNetWorkAccessManager for QtWebEngine (and Cocoa) page.

    Note: I'm downloading the "qt5.4-rc" I have to test all possibilities.


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    Sorry, I still don't follow… What do you mean by redeploy the QNetworkAccessManager ?

  • Forgive me I have not been able to speak out, and thanks for their efforts in trying to understand my question.

    I need overwrite the "QNetWorkAccessManager" class, using like this in QtWebkit:


    @NetWork::NetWork(QObject *parent) :

    QNetworkReply * NetWork::createRequest(Operation op, const QNetworkRequest &request, QIODevice *outgoingData) {


    @#include "network.h"
    NetWork *net = new NetWork();

    I wonder if it is possible to control the "network" in the webpage of QtWebEngine, Cocoa and WinRT (motor trident).


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    For the QNetworkAccessManager part, this "wiki entry": might be of interest

  • Thanks SGaist,

    Qt WebEngine does not interact with QNetworkAccessManager, but I have an idea, I create a HTTP Proxy in same QT project and set "configs" of proxy in my WebView, what do you think?

    My intention is to handle requests before they reach the server, and also handle some answers, such as when the user tries to use the browser to access local folders (in this situation I plan to create a customized page to access the folders) and even viewer "FEEDS"

    If you believe that there is any other way to handle the "network" of "QtWebEngine" let me know, grateful.

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