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QuickAndroid - QML Component Library for Android

  • Qt Champions 2016

    Hi ,

    I would like to share my latest open source project here. It is called as QuickAndroid, a QML component library for Android.

    Project site:

    Main Features:

    • Provides "DP" unit
    • Page transition management
    • “Drawable” component that could support color , image , QML component , simulated nine patch image as input source
    • Theme / Style Engine
    • Animation Management

    If you have any comment , feature request, merge request , please feel free to let me know. I wish we can gather the resource here to provide a better Qt development for Android.

  • Thanks for sharing, it looks very nice.

    I have only one comment for your ActionBar, you are setting the height to 48dp, which is actually the height for phones in portrait, landscape should be 40dp and it should be 56dp on tablets, I took my values from here:

    "Android Cheatsheet For Graphic Designers":

    I also have my set of components, my project also focuses on Android right now, but the idea is to target iOS also.


    Maybe we can help each other :)

  • Qt Champions 2016

    [quote author="Iktwo" date="1410886440"]Thanks for sharing, it looks very nice.

    I have only one comment for your ActionBar, you are setting the height to 48dp, which is actually the height for phones in portrait, landscape should be 40dp and it should be 56dp on tablets, I took my values from here:

    "Android Cheatsheet For Graphic Designers":

    I also have my set of components, my project also focuses on Android right now, but the idea is to target iOS also.


    Maybe we can help each other :) [/quote]

    yes , it will be great!! Followed you on github already. wow , you did a lots of C++ component already.

    For the problem of Action Bar , I know that the height is different for phone and tablet , pc. But my library don't have the code to detect type of device and a provide menuBar that could scale the image automatically. Need to support those feature first. Thank for reminding~

    (p.s I suppose menu icon should be scaled to fit the action bar height instead of making new icon for tablet . Am I correct?)

    I have read from your code that you have provided the interface but seem that the detection is also not done yet?

    I will also work for iOS later but probably will be another library since they are quite different. Will only share some basic components like drawable , button etc.

    By the way , I have listed my wish list / todo items as a vision of the library at. Just wonder do we share similar vision:

  • Qt Champions 2016

    v0.1.2 has been released.


    New Components & Features

    1. Support tintColor in QADrawableProvider.
    2. ListItem
    3. FloatingActionButton


    1. QADrawableProvider
    2. Supported to load image from drawable/ folder. Not only from drawable-*dpi
    3. May tint a drawable image by using tintColor argument to provider.

    Android Integration

    1. Added as an alternative Activity class for launching Qt application
    2. Once the onActivityResult() is invoked, it will forward the arguments to SystemDispatcher
    3. SystemDispatcher
    4. Add onActivityResult() helper function to forward the arguments passed to onActivityResult.


    1. Align icon and title according to keyline as described in Material design
    2. Renamed the "icon" property to "iconSource"


    1. DividerHorzonalHoloLight - Replaced by ListDivider

  • Qt Champions 2016

    v0.1.3 has been released.

    Critical Changes

    1. Min requirement of Qt version has been raised to Qt 5.4
    2. Dropped QuickAndroid.def package. All the constant value has been merged into Constants singleton component.
    3. Renamed the package of to QuickAndroid.Styles
    4. Dropped Style singleton component. User should get current theme from ThemeManager.currentTheme from QuickAndroid.Styles package.
    5. All the Style components use DP unit for component size.

    The following components are dropped. They are not implemented by Material design :

    1. PopupMenu
    2. DropDownList
    3. Spinner

    New Components

    1. TabBar and TabView
    2. DropDownMenu
    3. Paper
    4. Text
    5. Button

    Style Components

    Added “extend” property for user to create derived style class form existing Theme object.


    ActionBar {
        style: ActionBarStyle {
        extend: [ ThemeManager.currentTheme.actionBar, {
           “titleTextStyle.textColor” : Constants.white100
        }  ]


    ActionBar {
       style: ActionBarStyle {
          Component.onComponent {
                titleTextStyle.textColor = Constants.white100   

    Drawable Provider

    1. Bug Fix - Crash on handling mono image (1bit depth)
    2. Bug Fix - It don’t resize image according to sourceSize.


    1. Now it may take Component as input to source property


    Drawable {
        source: Rectangle { color:”red” };
    1. Bug Fix - Can not handle Color object as input to source property

    Action Bar

    1. ActionBarStyle - Added “unitHeight” property to control the heigh of control item.
    2. Reimplemented by Material Design
    3. Title is not part of action button
    4. Move title according to keyline
    5. Added iconSource, background properties


    1. Changed the implementation from C++ to QML
    2. Added A.px() and A.drawable() functions


    1. Added “size” property to choose large/small size of button


    1. “actionBar” property is not a component anymore. Now it take Item type.


    1. ListItemStyle - Added “showDivider” property


  • Qt Champions 2016

    v0.1.4 has been released.

    New Components



    1. Material Design look and feel
    2. Long press will show PASTE button
    3. Text handle to move cursor and selection
    4. Floating Label




    1. Rename package of QuickAndroid.priv to QuickAndroid.Private
    2. QASystemDispatcher::dispatched() - Changed the name of first argument from “name” to “type. Following the naming convention of Flux application framework


    1. Changed the default height from 48p to 56dp


    1. Emit appear() and disappear() signal for index changes.


    1. Use Theme.colorAccent as default color


    1. Added “disabledTextColor” property
    2. Added “bold” property

  • Qt Champions 2016

    v0.1.5 has been released:

    New Components

    1. ImagePicker - Native Image Picker. Pick images from gallery or take photo by using native API.
    2. Page/PageStack - A replacement solution for original Application/Activity pair.
    3. BottomSheet

    Updates on Style Engine

    1. All the old Style classes are renamed to MaterialStyle. And inherit from components in QtQuick.Controls.Styles

    2. Added new kind of class - “Material”. They are used to provide style parameter to MaterialStyle components.

    3. ThemeManager - All the member’s data type has been changed from Style to Material.

    Updates on component


    1. Added “pressAndHold” property
    2. Change text and icon color in disabled mode


    1. Change text and icon color in disabled mode


    1. Changed to Material Style
    2. Changed default width


    1. Added FloatingActionButtonMaterialStyle and FloatingActionButtonMaterial component

    1, Show text with different color on disabled mode.


    1. Add placeholderTextColor property
    2. Add floatingLabelAlwaysOnTop property


    1. Added “colorAccent” property

    Updates on system

    1. Registered an image provider for default images: “quickandroid-drawable"

    2. SystemDispatcher

    3. Able to work in non-Android environment.

    4. Support List type conversion

    5. Added “loadClass” method to load Java class.

    Bug Fixes

    1. Fixed a crash issue with JNI on Android 6.x

    2. QADrawableProvider - applied wrong tintColor for images in drawable folder.

  • Qt Champions 2016

    v0.1.6 of QuickAndroid has been released!

    Release v0.1.6 release · benlau/quickandroid

    Features Highlight

    1. Support Ink effect on press
    2. Class Reference is now available online (Incomplete)
    3. Example program: Add splash screen (no black screen , no screen flicker)
    4. Asynchronous page creation during push

    New Component

    1. Ink - A MouseArea with ink/ripple effect on press

    Bug Fix

    1. Fixed issue #14 - PageStack lost focus after opened dialog



    1. Changed the type of “background” property from “var” to “Component"
    2. Added “backgroundColor” property


    1. Support ink effect
    2. Changed the type of “background” property from “var” to “Component"


    1. Support ink effect
    2. Renamed property “color” to “backgroundColor"


    1. Support ink effect

    Page Stack

    1. Supported to create component in asynchronous mode
    2. Added “asynchronous” property to enable/disable asynchronous component creation
    3. Added “queueEnabled” property to enable/disable queued push/pop


    1. Support Ink effect


    1. Support ink effect


    1. Added “os” property
    2. Added “isTablet” property (Experimental code)

    Class Reference:
    QuickAndroid Project Class Reference

  • Hello, I download your Library, and try to use this, but i can't run Example on Android device. Project builded, and when I try to run this, it floating in loader page with image of Qt. But if I try to run it on my computer, it's work.
    I download apk from your blog, and it's work.
    I try to use this Library in my project and some components work, but ImagePicker don't work. It's open library of photos on my mobile, but when i picked photos, it's don't download this photos in page.
    May be you can help me with it.
    Sorry for my English, and thank you in advance:)

  • Qt Champions 2016


    For the problem of example program, could you post the error log?

    For the problem of ImagePicker, are you using custom Activity class? If not, you may change it to "quickandroid.QuickAndroidActivity"


    quickandroid/AndroidManifest.xml at master · benlau/quickandroid

    Since ImagePicker calls other Activity to pick image, it need to register a callback in Java code. "quickandroid.QuickAndroidActivity" will handle it for you.

    It is not documented yet. I will write about it later.

  • @benlau
    Here is error log

    About ImagePicker, I change Activity class as in your example in Manifest and it's working, thx

  • Hello, if I have idea that you can add to the library, where i can offer it to you?

  • Qt Champions 2016

    @sanekyy said:

    Hello, if I have idea that you can add to the library, where i can offer it to you?

    You may submit a feature request at:

  • Qt Champions 2016

    v0.1.7 has been released.

    New Features

    1. Support high DPI mode. A.dp will be adjusted to a correct value

    Bug Fixes

    1. Crash with Visual Studio

    New Singleton Components

    1. Units - Units conversion class. Provide Units.dp() as replacement of A.dp



    1. Support nested map type


    1. Add minRadius property

    Example code

    1. Able to build with gradle

  • Qt Champions 2016

    Hello, I have forked a new library called AndroidNative.pri from the QuickAndroid project. It is a helper library to access the Java library you wrote without using JNI. And it has bundled few components and Android API wrapper too.

    Calling Android functions from Qt without using JNI

    It is forked from the QuickAndroid project that aim to provide a library to access Android functions from Qt/QML without using JNI.

    Remarks: This project only support gradle build system.


    1. SystemDispatcher - A message queue for C++/Qt and Java/Android
    2. Send message in C++, receive in Java and vice versa.
    3. Data type will be converted automatically (e.g QMap <-> java.util.Map). No need to write in JNI.
    4. It could be used to write your own Java code
    5. Bundled Components
    6. Image Picker
    7. Toast
    8. Wrapper of android.os.Environment / android.os.Debug / MediaScannerConnection

    C++ API

    1. Environment::getExternalStoragePublicDirectory()
    2. MediaScannerConnection::scanFile()
    3. Debug::getNativeHeapSize()
    4. Debug::getNativeHeapAllocatedSize()

    The functions above do not require to config gradle before using.

    QML Components

        import AndroidNative 1.0
    1. ImagePicker
    2. Toast


    SystemDispatcher is a message queue component for delivering action message between C++/QML and Java. Data type in message is converted to the target platform automatically (e.g QMap <-> java.util.Map) . So that user doesn't need to write JNI to access their Java functions.

    Moreover, SystemDispatcher is compilable on a non-Android platform. It doesn't cause any trouble to run on your development host.

    // C++ Example
    #include <AndroidNative>
    // Load a Java class. It will trigger the code within `static` block
    QVariantMap message;
    message["value1"] = 1;
    message["value2"] = 2.0;
    message["value3"] = "3";
    // Dispatch a message
    SystemDispatcher::instance()->dispatch("androidnative.example.dummyAction", message);
    // QML Example
    import AndroidNative 1.0
    Item {
      Component.onCompleted: {
        var message = {
          value1: 1,
          value2: 2.0,
          value3: "3"
        SystemDispatcher.dispatch("androidnative.example.dummyAction", message);
    // Java Receiver
    public class ExampleService {
        static {
            SystemDispatcher.addListener(new SystemDispatcher.Listener() {
                public void onDispatched(String type , Map message) {
                    if (type.equals("androidnative.example.dummyAction")) {
                        // Process then dispatch a response back to C++/QML                    
    // Listen from QML
    Connections {
      target: SystemDispatcher
      onDispatched: {
        // process the message

    Supported data type:

    Qt Java
    int int
    bool boolean
    QString String
    QVariantList List<T>
    QVariantMap Map<T>

    Installation Instruction

    androidnative.pri/ at master · benlau/androidnative.pri


    An example program is available at: androidnative.pri/examples/androidnativeexample at master · benlau/androidnative.pri

    example1.png (533×472)

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