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Port QT App to embedded Linux Device

  • Hello,

    I believe im lacking some knowledge about qt developing in general, im trying to run a QT5 App compiled on my Ubuntu machine on a embedded Linux (Lubuntu on ARM Cortex-A7) device but it wont run. Couldnt find a solution for my questions yet.

    This Article should answer my question, but i dont understand what is ment as it says existing QT Apps dont require porting:
    _ _

    My Device is similar to the Raspberry PI ( Banana PI )
    I dont understand either, what this article is about
    Why are these steps required?

    1. Do i have to compile my QT App for embedded Lubuntu different? ( Cant i use my App compiled on Ubuntu?)
    2. Isnt Linux = Linux? I dont understand why it would require different Compilations, because isn't it the "same"?

    Im sorry for being that unexperienced, im just starting QT (Im 18 :) )

    Thanks in advance,

    kind regards,

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    To be sure I'm understanding your correctly: you are compiling your application using your x86 distribution Qt and would like to run it on your ARM device ?

  • Thank you,
    yes exactly

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    That won't work, you can't run x86 binaries on ARM. You first need to cross-compile your application.

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