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Does Bluetooth on Android correctly supported?

  • My application works perfectly on Linux but not on Android.
    In a Android 4.1.2 version my application cannot connect to the device.
    In a Android 2.3.6, when I start to use bluetooth on my application, the application goes to crash.
    Does anybody use bluetooth without problems?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    You should also tell which version of Qt you are currently using as well as android SDK/NDK

  • Hi.

    Qt 5.3.1
    My emulator is 4.3 api 18

    Sorry but this is the first time that one of my apps goes out of my lab.
    I have tested my apps with two mobiles, one with Android 4, and another with Android 2.

    I see you are a vip in this forum and a top developer.
    Have you got an idea on when Bluetooth will be supported on Ios?

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    If I'm not mistaken Qt needs at least API level 13 and 2.3.6 is 10. Does you application also crash without bluetooth ?

    I don't know the current state of bluetooth on iOS.

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