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Examples/templates for integrating Android/iOS native code

  • Since Qt 5.4 QtQuick controls for Android are becoming quite complete for a lot of apps (with a notable exception of native WebView), iOS is lagging behind, but you can live fine there if you paint your own buttons.

    Interop with native apps
    So we can use our beloved Qt everywhere except when you do need to use native system services and interop between apps. Talking of Android you'll need to integrate with Java APIs for such quite common things as Facebook/Twitter/G+ login/signup, Sharing to Facebook/Twitter/G+, accepting Shared images/whatever from other apps, fetching thumbnails from the system media database (way faster then generating them on demand), having a part of your app running as a background service.

    Proof of concept exists
    To my understanding all of the above except for having a second service/activity in your package is already possible (and e.g. CuteHacks implemented native Facebook login for iOS already - ), but there is a serious lack of copy-pastable examples/templates/wizards. Even more, current QtCreator wizard (as per Qt 5.3) puts Java part of the code to the build directory that makes it pretty hard to store, modify and maintain.

    How to make good Android/iOS wizards and example a reality?
    So I see a need for a better wizard and several reference examples on integrating native services on Android (and iOS too, but there need for Controls is more hot), hopefully some others see it too.

    What would be a way to draw attention and priorities to it? :)
    Would many comments to this forum thread help?
    Or does it boil down to finding a volunteer to try implement it himself and submit a pull request?

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    Indeed, the forum is not the best place for these suggestions. Feature suggestions should be posted on the "bug report system":

    If you can find a volunteer that would implement that, then even better, the more participate, the quicker it can go.

    There's already examples in the android and mac "extras" modules from Qt

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