How to start using QT 5.1.0 in embedded Linux?

  • Hello,
    I'm new to both linux and embedded linux but, i'm already using QT with windows so, i need help to start using QT 5.1 with embedded linux so any body can help me starting like how to install and configure a complete toolchain for arm and adding this to the QT creator and start programming.
    note i have OK6420-A KIT from forlinx.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Setting up a complete cross-compiling environment is outside the scope of this forum. However, generally speaking, enterprises that sell kits provides them on one form or another e.g. pre-built VM, packages ready for their devices etc… If that's not the case, you can look at projects like OpenEmbedded that provides the means to build complete cross-toolchains and base system for various embedded systems.

    Hope it helps

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