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Android: Build failed with exception. Could not determine Java version from '11.0.10'

  • Hello everyone, I have a Qt project that is successfully deployed to Windows. I have been trying to get it to build for Android but have not found any success (tried everything I could find online).


    I have used Qt to download the SDK and OpenSSL. I have tried the official releases of Java: 11.0.10 and 8u281 as well as AdoptOpenJDK and

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated as I have exhausted all of the resources I could find online.

    P.S. In case it is worth mentioning, I have all of the assets installed for Android 11 and Android 10 under the SDK tab in devices.

  • Kit setting for the devices seems to be fine, check with project settings.
    rebuild the project and check it. What log is displaying in "compile output" window?

  • Thanks for the feedback! This is the compile output.


    Anything specific to check in the project settings?

  • @SGaist have you experienced this before? Any feedback would be greatly, greatly appreciated!

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    There was an issue in previous versions of Qt Creator with the Java version check that was a bit too restrictive but I think it has been fixed in between.

    Which version are you running ?

  • @SGaist thanks for the reply! Qt 5.15.2

  • Anything above Java 8 isn't supported by Android atm.

  • @morte thanks for the reply!

    I have tried the official releases of Java: 11.0.10 and 8u281 as well as AdoptOpenJDK and

    Think I need to downgrade even further?

  • It works with AdoptOpenJDK, should also work with other Java 7/8 JDKs.
    What is build output with Java 8?

  • @morte

    Thank you for the help!

  • Maybe something wrong with 'Compilers', it sometimes become broken after replacing JDK and Android SDK, NDK.

    Working configuration looks something like that (don't mind NDK version on screenshot - 21.4, it also works with 21.3):

    If problem with 'Compilers' and Re-detcting won't help, if you don't have any valuable settings, you can delete whole Qt Creator settings, located at C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\QtProject or only "toolchains.xml" file. Qt Creator recreates those on startup.

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