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Android: Build failed with exception. Could not determine Java version from '11.0.10'

  • Hello everyone, I have a Qt project that is successfully deployed to Windows. I have been trying to get it to build for Android but have not found any success (tried everything I could find online).


    I have used Qt to download the SDK and OpenSSL. I have tried the official releases of Java: 11.0.10 and 8u281 as well as AdoptOpenJDK and

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated as I have exhausted all of the resources I could find online.

    P.S. In case it is worth mentioning, I have all of the assets installed for Android 11 and Android 10 under the SDK tab in devices.

  • Kit setting for the devices seems to be fine, check with project settings.
    rebuild the project and check it. What log is displaying in "compile output" window?

  • Thanks for the feedback! This is the compile output.


    Anything specific to check in the project settings?

  • @SGaist have you experienced this before? Any feedback would be greatly, greatly appreciated!

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    There was an issue in previous versions of Qt Creator with the Java version check that was a bit too restrictive but I think it has been fixed in between.

    Which version are you running ?

  • @SGaist thanks for the reply! Qt 5.15.2

  • Anything above Java 8 isn't supported by Android atm.

  • @morte thanks for the reply!

    I have tried the official releases of Java: 11.0.10 and 8u281 as well as AdoptOpenJDK and

    Think I need to downgrade even further?

  • It works with AdoptOpenJDK, should also work with other Java 7/8 JDKs.
    What is build output with Java 8?

  • @morte

    Thank you for the help!

  • Maybe something wrong with 'Compilers', it sometimes become broken after replacing JDK and Android SDK, NDK.

    Working configuration looks something like that (don't mind NDK version on screenshot - 21.4, it also works with 21.3):

    If problem with 'Compilers' and Re-detcting won't help, if you don't have any valuable settings, you can delete whole Qt Creator settings, located at C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\QtProject or only "toolchains.xml" file. Qt Creator recreates those on startup.

  • I'd like to know if anyone has a follow up on this. I also have this problem but only on projects built with QML. Projects built with QWidgets and C++ build beautifully on Android, Armbian and Windows Desktop without no changes to the underlying code.

    In addition I see this warning the the Android Build Settings underneath the Build directory:

    Could not parse Makefile. The build will be overwritten.

    I've looked at the Makefile and can't see the problem.

    Sorry to dig up an old topic but this one exactly describes my problem for QML builds.

  • I'm having this problem too. It only happens on my "Release" build configurations. I don't get it when I configure for "Debug".

    Has anyone else figured out how to resolve this?

  • @kgregory OK I'm noticing that this happens when I do "sign package" whether I'm in Debug or Release mode. I also get a warning on the GUI that says "Signing a debug package" in both modes.

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