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CameraBin error: "Internal data stream error."

  • Can someone tell me?
    Why do I use QT's official demo to run the camera,There will be mistakes?
    development environment:Qt5.11.3, arm mp157 development board, Debian system

    Just like this, camerabin error: "internal data stream error."

    I don't know how to debug. Can someone help me

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Use GStreamer on the command line to check whether your camera works correctly.

    You should also inspect your device logs just in case the device is acting up.

  • My camera can use the GST command to take pictures and video recording,

    But I didn't find the GST command to preview the camera image directly on the touch screen, which drives is linxufb,

    QT official camera demo can run, completely OK in the window, but the same USB camera on the arm development board can only run for a period of time, and then it will report an error

    CameraBin error: "Internal data stream error."

    I can not output more debug info,I don't know if the error came from the camera driver or QT demo

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    Did you check your target system logs ? Kernel logs ?

    As for the output on the frame buffer, looks like fbdevsink would be indicated.

  • @SGaist Yes, I checked the dmesg log
    The camera driver seems to be OK, and I have output the camera preview image to the touch screen. The GST command is like this:"gst-launch-1.0 -v v4l2src device=/dev/video0 ! fbdevsink"

    I'm confused that I started the application in the form of eglfs, or tried other platforms and development boards, and the camera program worked well. But on the 157 development board, using linuxfb, he crashed.

    There seems to be no problem with the camera driver and the program, but it just crashed.

    Now, I plan to use the GST command in a thread to achieve preview.

    Thank you very much!

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