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Does Qt use the iOS Network Extension Framework?

  • I just read all 79 pages of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement :)

    Section 3.3.26 says

    "Your Application must not access the Network Extension Framework unless Your
    Application is primarily designed for providing networking capabilities, and You have received an entitlement from Apple for such access."

    Section 1.2:
    “Network Extension Framework” means the Documented APIs that provide Applications with the ability to customize certain networking features of compatible Apple-branded products (e.g., customizing the authentication process for WiFi Hotspots, VPN features, and content filtering mechanisms).

    So my question is, would a Qt app that uses QNetworkAccessManager, QNetworkRequest, QNetworkReply, QSslConfiguration, QSslSocket and without any custom code for iOS use the Network Extension Framework?

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    @Martin-Burchell It's better to ask this on Qt developers mailing list as this is user forum.

  • @jsulm OK

  • The Qt developers (or at least one of them) say "We don't use it and never did".

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