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Qt Installer Framework and execution

  • Hello!
    I study how Installer Framework works and found the following thing: during the installation I have tried to install C++ redistributable and it was successfully done. The following code in installscript.qs does the job:

    // Check if redistributable is installed
    var registryVC2017x64 = installer.execute("reg", new Array("QUERY", "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Wow6432Node\\Microsoft\\VisualStudio\\14.0\\VC\\Runtimes\\x64", "/v", "Installed"))[0];
    if (!registryVC2017x64) {
    	component.addElevatedOperation("Execute", "@TargetDir@/vc_redist.x64.exe", "/passive", "/norestart");

    Then I have tried to install more: I took libusb-win32 driver that has been generated with the wizard:

    component.addElevatedOperation("Execute", "@TargetDir@/Driver/InstallDriver.exe");

    Driver's installer window opens, installation goes successful as well, but then I receive the following error:

    Error during installation process (myPackage):
    Execution failed (Unexpected exit code: 256): "PathToInstallDriver"

    So my question is: can I somehow process return codes of executions in installscript.qs. Or should I do something with executable (driver installer in my case) to return correct code?

  • @St-Stanislav I have found the same topic with no solution:
    And something similar here:

    I have opened the appropriate bug ticket in libusb-win32 branch, but anyway there should be some way to check and process exit statuses in QInstaller.

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