QT IFW addOperation reporting error

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to use the Qt installation framework, and so far so good.
    Now at the end of my installation I want to launch an executable of the visual studio redistributables that my application needs.
    I do this using the addOperation call in the script. It launches the setup fine, so that works all fine.

    However, the issue now is that addOperation seems to look if the return code of the application launched equals 0 or not.
    If it is not 0, it will report it as failed afterwards in a special window.
    The problem is that many executables return a non-zero error code, even if its successfully executed.
    For example the visual studio redist installer returns some code identifying that a reboot is needed, even when specifying a /norestart argument to it.

    What I tried as workaround is to launch a cmd /C command, which executes the application on windows.
    That however gives a return code of 1, which indicates partial success, for the same reason. Another attempt I did was to create a .bat file that executes the executable and return code 0 at the end, but that has the same issue, giving code 1 as result.

    Is there a way to force Qt IFW to ignore whether the return code is 0 or not? Or is there some other workaround for this?


    • John