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How can I detect the addOperation error in installer Script?

  • Here I mention my Installer script of component.

    function Component() {
    Component.prototype.createOperations = function() {
    	if (systemInfo.productType === "windows") {
                   component.addOperation("Execute", "{0,1638}", "@TargetDir@\\AnayasisTool.exe", "/install", "/passive", "/norestart");
                   component.addOperation("Delete", "@TargetDir@\\AnayasisTool.exe");     

    I would like to detect error if it is generated by component.addOperation("Execute", "{0,1638}", "@TargetDir@\\AnayasisTool.exe", "/install", "/passive", "/norestart");. is it any way to detect the error ?

    AnayasisTool.exe is another installer(name: b) which is added in my application bundle.

    In general, I would like to install the two application with single installer(name: a). if user click on installer(name: a) by default one application will install, but if User select the another application in component selection area then it will install both application.

    Error is generate:- User select the second application in first installer(name: a), second application is start to install using installer(name: b). Meanwhile, If user click on cancel button while installing then I am getting error on first Installer(name: a).

    what is good detect the error which is generated by component execution operation?