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Using Qt designer to set transparent background for qgis plugin dialog

  • I'm studying Qt designer to create UI for Qgis plugin. I'm wondering how to set transparent background for the dialog. In the image below there's an example to understand what I have in my mind. I'd like a dialog with just the slider, with transparent background, and, if it's possible, without the title bar. Thank you all

    alt text

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    First off do yourself a BIG favor and do not study the Qt Designer -- just study Qt the end result will serve you 10 times better for the time spent. That said PyQt5 or PySide2 (for those who need the LGPL vs just the GPL and are willing to deal with less) both support a python-qt that functions quite well. However if you working in C++ then straight Qt is even better.

    Again you will be better served if you just learn to code in the GUI as opposed to getting that garbage that the Designer spews out when its done that is unless you are planning on porting that GUI to multiple coding platforms

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You will have to write that in code. Set the Qt::FramelessWindowHint on your window flags. Since you are using python it will by Qt.FramelessWindowHint

    You can play with the Widgets WindowFlags example.

    As for transparency, you can set the Qt::WA_TranslucentBackground attribute.

    @Denni-0 please refrain from answering with your hatred of Designer if you don't have anything related to the question to say.

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