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system reboot with Qt 4.8.7 and '-system-sqlite' using libsqlite >= 3.21.0

  • Hello everybody,

    I'll try to describe the issue very brief and will add further info, if needed/requested.

    • Prerequesties

      • Qt 4.8.7 (upgrade is not an option)
      • built with gcc-7.3.1 for an imx25 board
      • linux kernel 4.17.19
      • the need to use "attach" and "detach" inside transactions and therefor using "-system-sqlite" with a newer version of libsqlite (greater than 3.21.0 released on 2017-10-24)
    • Description / observed behavior

    The code that uses "attach" and "detach" inside transactions runs every 15min (copies data
    from in-memory sqlite files to sqlite files on persistent storage). This is never reached,
    since the system is restarted via watchdog every (roundabout) 10 minutes. In this time
    the system collection various data from various I/O.

    • Qt with built in sqlite ( -> system works as expected
    • Qt with '-system-sqlite' and libsqlite -> system works as expected
    • Qt with '-system-sqlite' and libsqlite 3.21.0 -> system slows down till reboot via watchdog
    • Qt with '-system-sqlite' and libsqlite 3.24.0 -> system slows down till reboot via watchdog

    Are there any known incompatibilites between Qt and libsqlite versions?

    Or maybe compilte time flags that could should be added?

    Any suggestions howto enclose the issue?

    Thx for your time and interest.

    Best regards

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Qt merely uses SQLite, it could simply be an issue with SQLite itself since it's the component that you are changing.

    You should check the SQLite release logs to see what has changed.

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