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QT Widget Android applications UI absnormal

  • Hi, all:
    When I used the QT Widget to develop Android applications, I found the following situations:

    1. Expect to control whether the menu is visible.

    2. The menu display is incomplete.

    3. Expect to control whether the editing toolbar is visible.

    4. The cursor appears where the individual thinks it should not appear, such as the cursor appears in the combo box, and the position is inaccurate.

    QT 5.10.1/Android 9(also in lower version)/The mainwindow is fullscreen state.

    screenshot link

    Anybody can help me?

  • Does anyone know how to solve it?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @liaoxuewei Did you also test with current stable Qt version?

  • @jsulm Not yet. The main reason is that the upgraded version has a certain impact, so we dare not upgrade it casually for the time being.

    I have tested that the full screen mainly affects the correctness of cursor position. I have a vague feeling that the calculation of position coordinates may be inadequate when the full screen is used.

    But on the other hand, if I could control the visibility of the cursor in the wrong position, the UI will be much more beautiful, especially if the cursor in the combo box is not suitable.


  • Everything comes to him who waits, I finally find a solution by myself, thanks!

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