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Qt Device Creation Emulator Image

  • Hi everyone,

    I am trying to use embedded emulator. First, I found a hard disk image in /opt/Qt/5.13.0/Boot2Qt/emulator/images. Then, created a new machine in VirtualBox but when I build and debug in Qt Creator nothing happens?

    Also, I have tried to start in VirtualBox but on booting stage it stuck on clocking 48000

    Maybe, I do not even know how to use emulator.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Boot2Qt being a commercial product, you likely have a commercial licence with support included. Did you already try to contact the Qt Company about that matter ?

  • Actually, it is now on free trial. But, what I don't get that is on Windows 10, it automatically created a machine with named Boot2Qt-version but on Ubuntu 18.04 it did not. Therefore, I created it manually with pointing hard disk image installed in /opt/Qt/version/Boot2Qt/emulator/images

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