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QtWS25 Call for Papers
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    @AlbertRicky said in Image can't Show in Page2:

    so what should I use to make two pages

    Change the secondWindow type to QWidget (using QMainWindow there is weird) and make it a page of QStackedWidget.
    You can design that widget with your QtDesigner and setup the layout with the label that should hold your image later.
    Assign your result image with your detections to the label, when you have processed the source image and flip the pages with your buttons.

    This can also be done in-place. Then you dont need a QStackedWidget. If you don't need to switch back and forth multiple times, but swtich one time to show the result, you could also "replace" the image on your current label, when clicking the button. But I dont know, what else you what to do on that second page widget.

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    @mehrdad said:

    in publish process there is a part that ask licence file (list of numbers)
    first, what is the syntax of this file?

    That is an Ubuntu-specific requirement, so most users on this forum don't know the answer.

    maybe, i also ask this question in stackoverflow
    but i think i have better chance to find a qt programmer that published an app in software center.

    The Ubuntu SDK is built on on top of Qt, so most Ubuntu app publishers know Qt. Your best chance is to ask at

    Good luck!

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    I am interested in cooperation. I have just sent you an email with more information about my experience.
    Regards Andrzej Pawłowicz

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    Hi, and welcome to the Qt Dev Net!

    @beahacker said:

    I have an bad experiences when I downloaded software from Qt websites. It is slow and unreliable. I failed to download Qt 5.5 alpha and other Qt products several times. Anyway, for your information, I am from Singapore.

    It sounds like you were assigned a slow mirror. Choose a different mirror, like @sierdzio suggested.

    Do you want Online or Offline installers?

    If you want Offline installers or source code, go to the download page, click "View All Downloads", and click on the "(Info)" link next to the package you want.

    If the "(Info)" link is missing, manually add the.mirrorlist extension to the end of the download URL, e.g.

    If you want to use the Online installer, use the Qt SDK Repo Chooser tool.