Sorry I juste saw your answer, mail notification was not taken into account. I use a dragonboard with a debian jessie and qt 5.3.2. I tried to cross compile qt 5.5 but the compilation just stops without any errors ... I've tried the same way I successed on beagleboard and raspberry but have no more time spending on this compilation so I programming directly in the board -sick- with qtcreator -re sick- I think QQuick is part of QtQuick that seems not be available on my board :( There is no way to get paint event of an offcreeen management in Qt ? For now what I've done : SubClass Widget load an ui Render it to a QImage that has a mapped buffer to an OpenGl buffer My problems : copy to the buffer is long and seems not to be asynchronous I don't understand why :( And my widget is transparent so successive render in the same buffer don't erase (fill with trasparency) the previous exposed area :( And even if I success creating a texture I get the problem that Qt must uses it's own OpenGL context, and I have already mine (not Qt) , so texture aren't shared I would like, either have an automatic repaint like a QApplication byt offscreen directly il OpenGL texture :D :D :D Or at least now where the repaint should be done to manually erase to transparent (with right coordinates :s )