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About QOpenGLWidget.

  • Hi,

    I am running a QT application with the EGLFS driver. My plan is to render a QtWebView into an OpenGL surface. Apparently the only way to do it with good performance is to use a QOpenGLWidget derived class and render my webkit control inside the paintGL function. (I know that I can render onto a QPixmap/QImage but it is too slow. I also tried the offscreen driver and the linuxfb driver : they don't use OpenGL, so rendering occurs in software and is too slow).

    My ultimate goal is to render webkit in memory (nothing shown on the screen), inject mouse and keyboards events, and grab the rendered pixels at a fixed rate.

    Well, with QOpenGLWidget and EGLFS it works BUT I don't want to show anything on the screen. I would like QOpenGLWidget to use an offscreen surface.

    Could anyone tell me if this is possible ? Is it possible to just tweak the source code of QOpenGLWidget so that, when it initializes OpenGL, it creates a render target in memory instead of using the primary display.