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GUI design doesn't update when changed in Qt Creator

  • Re: Strange behaviour of GUI design and runtime GUI

    I am having exactly the same sort of problem.

    I created a gui with a spinbutton with the default properties (maxvalue = 100).
    After compiling and running the application, I went back to change the property to maxvalue = 30000. The change appeared correctly in the preview but when I recompiled and ran the application, the old limit still applied.

    I tried a clean build, deleting the entire build directory, renaming ui_mainwindow.h-- nothing would get the changed properties to apply to the executable.

    Finally I rebuilt the application in VS2017, which fixed the problem and when I went back to Qt creator and rebuilt the executable there the problem was also resolved.

    There ought to be a better way to force the mainwindow form to "recompile" in Qt Creator but I can't find it. What am I missing?

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    make very, very sure that No build files somehow ended up in project folder.
    like moc_xx and ui_xxx.
    That gives such odd behavior.

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    And just to add to @mrjj, no Makefiles.

    These kind of files should only exist in the build folder. If you have a duplicate in the project folder, it will drive you crazy.