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compile error for ios from Qt but not with xcode

  • I have an error when i compile a test application with a dummy button directly from QT with the auto detected ios sdk, and although the device is connected and correctly setup from the website

    03:20:57: Running steps for project testmobileapp...
    03:20:57: Starting: "/usr/local/Qt-5.12.0/bin/qmake" /Users/sherifomran/Desktop/testmobileapp/ -spec macx-g++ CONFIG+=iphonesimulator CONFIG+=simulator CONFIG+=qtquickcompiler
    Project ERROR: failed to parse default search paths from compiler output
    03:20:57: The process "/usr/local/Qt-5.12.0/bin/qmake" exited with code 3.
    Error while building/deploying project testmobileapp (kit: QT Kit IOS 5.12)
    When executing step "qmake"

    However, when i convert the code with qmake to xcode project, it works ! humm !
    This is a test project with default project setting

    any idea?

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    How did you install Qt on your machine ?

  • I compiled it from source code

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    Out of curiosity, why ?

    And do you also have the same problem with the pre-built version ?

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