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Switch between different QToolBars

  • Hello everyone,

    I wanted to ask what would be recommended approach to switch between different toolbars? I want to make the toolbar dependant on the currently select main tab of the application and show only relevant icons at the moment. I could just create the vectors and call hide and show for specific icons, but maybe there is something cleaner?

    Should I maybe try to:

    • create multiple toolbars and hide not needed with QWidget::setVisible(bool)
    • or is there maybe a way to pack the icons in the one toolbar in some container (QStackedWidget would be desired) and switch between the container pages as required? I can basically add widget to QToolBar, but still I don't know if it does make sense, because I am not sure how to put the necessary icons in QStackedWidget pages?

    or should I just leave it and try the simplest possible approach with vectors?

    I am asking, because maybe there is some clean way of creating paged toolbar and I am just missing it.

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    Since you have specific actions related to specific tabs, the most clean would be to have one QToolBar per tab and show/hide the toolbar based on the currently shown tab. This will keep things grouped.

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