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How to make multi command and show them on help function?

  • $ cli --help
    Usage: root [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...
      --help  Show this message and exit.
      cmd1  Command on cli1
      cmd2  Command on cli2

    How to implement for this help function.

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    @Kien-Bui What is cli1 and cli2?

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    A good example for that is canbusutil

    This is the help output:

    Invalid number of arguments (0 given).
    Usage: canbusutil [options] plugin device [data]
    Sends arbitrary CAN bus frames.
    If the -l option is set, all received CAN bus frames are dumped.
      -h, --help          Displays this help.
      -v, --version       Displays version information.
      -l, --listen        Start listening CAN data on device.
      -L, --list-plugins  List all available plugins.
      -t, --timestamp     Show timestamp for each received CAN bus frame.
      -i, --info          Show extra info (CAN FD flags) for each received CAN bus
      -d, --devices       Show available CAN bus devices for the given plugin.
      plugin              Plugin name to use. See --list-plugins.
      device              Device to use.
      data                Data to send if -l is not specified. Format:
                          	<id>#{payload}          (CAN 2.0 data frames),
                          	<id>#Rxx                (CAN 2.0 RTR frames with xx bytes
                          data length),
                          	<id>##[flags]{payload}  (CAN FD data frames),
                          where {payload} has 0..8 (0..64 CAN FD) ASCII hex-value
                          pairs, and flags is one optional ASCII hex char for CAN FD
                          flags: 1 = Bitrate Switch, 2 = Error State Indicator
                          e.g. 1#1a2b3c

  • @aha_1980
    But in Usage part

    Usage: canbusutil [options] plugin device [data]

    plugin, device: They can't both exist on a command

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    Do you want to have something like git?

    git pull [options]
    git rebase branch [options]
    git checkout branch [options]
    git cherry-pick hast [options]


    I think you have to set up different QCommandLineParsers for that, because the help and the options change depending on the sub-command (pull, rebase, checkout, cherry-pick).

    So you would have to parse the sub-command (positional argument) and then parse the rest of the command line to see if all arguments and options are correct.

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