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how config LIBS += in .pro file with static version Qt?

  • hi
    every one ,I make my app with qt 4.8.7 source version on windows, when I deploy my app I have to include a third part dynamic dll named logger.dll(import libs by adding "LIBS += --LD:\LIBPATH\ -llogger" to .pro file) ,and some qt library such as QtCord4.dll and QtGui4.dll,to make the app clean I built static Qt with mingw-make ,when I build my app with that static qt kit ,I recived error "cannot find -llogger",I can not figure out why? Is that static vertion Qt can not import dynamic dll by "LIBS +="? could any body help me fix that problem ,thanks.

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    No there's no difference for third party libraries whether Qt is built statically or dynamically.

    Did you do any change to your .pro file in that regard ?

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  • @SGaist
    hi SGaist
    thank for your reply.Nothing had changed in my project,I guess the static version of qt not compile completely.Is that adding static library and dynamic library to the project in the same way by "LIBS += "?

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    Yes it's exactly the same.

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