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Proper way to implement property sheet for QGraphicsView item on iOS?

  • Hello!

    I have a QGraphicsView app that I am trying to port to iOS. There are some annoying complications with mouse/touch event handling, but all solvable.

    But one challenge I am facing is how to make my QWidget-based property sheets behave and look better on iOS. At current scrolling in item views only works with QScrollArea, and QWidget painting is not hardware accelerated.

    So it seems like developing a smooth and decent looking QWidget-based app for both macOS and iOS is a no-go? Would the ideal route have been to write the property sheets in QtQuick and embed the forms in the Widget-Stack? This app is already in beta on macOS and there are quite a few of these property sheets all which have their own complicated code and unit tests, so re-writing them is not my first choice but they don't work at all on iOS as is, so...

    What is the intended tool stack for this sort of app?

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